What Billy does: “I use my motivational techniques to challenge their belief systems, to help them deal with anger and bitterness, and to help them see a part of their life that was totally inaccessible to them previously.”

The result: “The net result of this is that people gain greater confidence, are more assertive, are able to set goals, and develop a vision for the future and begin a journey to a place of fulfillment.”

Billy Selekane is truly a great motivator and inspirator, we were truly challenged and motivated by his talk.” – Force Khashane: Editor, Drum Magazine.

Billy Selekane is an author, internationally acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker, personal, team and organizational effectiveness specialist and a businessman.

Billy’s words: “The core to what I do is to inspire people to want to be the best that they were born to be and to offer them the tools for achieving their altered status.”