Callie Roos is a motivational speaker and a teambuilding and leadership training expert

Callie Roos is a motivational speaker, teambuilding and leadership training expert from the heart of Africa. He uses his lifetime experiences of tracking and survival in the African wilds to move organisations and their people from survival to significance.
Callie is a serious player in re-building the South African nation in both spirit and mind through purpose-centred living. This he does as a facilitator of strategic and leadership thinking, business skills and team processes. His OnTrack Team Advance in big five country is an unrivalled experience that promises to thrill and revive the spirit.
Callie’s Credo

Callie teaches people how to turn their lives around by thinking, acting and reacting differently.
Experience has taught Callie four things about the successful businesses of the future:
They will be distinguished by the wholeness of their people.
Sustainable change begins where the individual mindset reflect on reality and create new meaning for itself.
To become pro-active and advance to significance is a choice.
The ultimate training and development intervention happens through process and not only design.
Business Model

Callie is connected through a network of fellow speakers, co-facilitators and trainers. Most of them qualified in the field of personal and professional leadership. They all represent independent businesses that choose to focus on unique core areas for development and growth.
Business Philosophy

After many years of experience in the field of people development and sustainable growth, Callie’s philosophy when it comes to his clients is:
To foster sound long-term relationship with his clients.
Instill a holistic, integrated and participative approach on program design.
Get a commitment on the importance of process.
Callie’s Background

During 1999 he retired from the Department of Defence in South Africa as a Senior Staff Officer in Defence Head Quarters responsible for policy and planning. He was also part of the most senior workgroup responsible for the redesign and restructuring of a new integrated Department of Defence.
After obtaining a BA degree, BD degree and Post Graduated Diploma at the University of Pretoria during the late 70’s and early 80’s he served most of his time in the Department of Defence. The successes of his career lies in a unique blend of lifetime experiences including that of Student Leader, Community Leader, Senior Pastor, Special Forces Operator, Land and Sea Survival Specialist, Senior Military Staff Officer and serving as a Honorary Game Ranger with National Parks in South Afric