Italian singer and songwriter, Francesca Biancoli strives for authenticity in the music she creates.

Life experiences are interwoven in her work and reflect the daring, explorative style Biancoli pursues. Her latest project, Zingara is a contemporary melding of Jazz and Neo-Soul, offering audiences a fun and original sound.

Biancoli was born in Bari,South Italy, a multi-cultured seaside town famous for its Greek, Arabic, and Turkish influences. Growing up with access to such rich and varied diversity helped inform her spontaneous and non-conformist musical path. In 2010, Biancoli began her formal education at the renowned Martini Conservatory in Bologna, studying under musical greats such as Diana Torto, Stefano Zenni and Fabrizio Puglisi.

Biancoli came to Cape Town in 2013. Cape Town’s rich musical history has enabled her to nurture her love of Jazz and meet and collaborate with like-minded creatives such as Kevin Gibson, Shane Cooper,Nicholas Williams, Keenan Ahrends, Marlon Witbooi, Alvin Dyers, Rus Nerwich and Mark Fransman.

In music, Biancoli endeavours to find herself. As she believes, it is only through self-awareness that an artist can truly connect with their audience and elevate them emotionally and spiritually.