Kim Collins first discovered her love for singing at the age of 11. Like many other girls, she started singing gospel in church. Since then her career has taken her in many different directions. She sang for Parliament, she sang with the great vocalist Garth Taylor.

Kim regularly works with various bands in South Africa among other, James Bassingthwaight (Musical Director of The Voice SA) and his band The Sticky Triggers. She is a loving mom of 2 children. Kim has done the club circuit and now works in the corporate circuit. Kim entered The Voice SA and landed on Coach Bobby’s Team. She did very well in this competition and had very good ratings.

Coach Bobby made her work hard for her spot and only turned when she reached her final notes. He was especially chuffed by the “sexiness” in her voice. Kim Collins is a consumate artiste, a great professional and very versatile in her repetoire. Kim is not only beautiful to look at, but a dream to listen to.