Max Moyo is a world-renowned public speaker, wealth creation expert and human transformation coach. He blends his vast experience in the financial services industry with his affinity for
inspiring people and galvanizing them into positive, life-changing action. This affects to peoples lives in the workplace, in the domestic sphere or in any other professional, informal or social grouping.

As a speaker or master of ceremonies, Max draws on traditional African belief and knowledge systems to make his self-empowerment messages not only evocative, but also easy to digest.

His talks are tailor-made for each client and event, making them relevant and easy to relate to.

With his easy-going, conversational and humorous approach, he establishes an instant rapport with audiences from different backgrounds, challenging them and providing food for thought while being witty and entertaining.

His manner of communicating is as accessible and effective as his message. His delivery style never fails to ignite a transformative fire in any listener’s belly and his words are a riveting, powerful rallying call to personal action.

When applied to an office environment, his powerful messages contribute to happier, focused, more productive staff and a more cohesive company culture.