Through his company, NHI, Hlongwane does motivational speaking, life and career coaching, self-discovery, achievement mentorship, image consulting as well as personal and character development. “I travel around the country and speak to thousands of learners, teaching them how to excel in their studies. I have 15 people working with me. The business is very successful as I have partnered with the Department of Basic Education in dealing with the failure rate we are facing in our country. My talks are in such high demand that I often have to decline invitations, however I’m planning on training more people who are as passionate as I am about youth development. I just want to create and leave a trail of positive change,” declares Hlongwane.

“I owe much of my success to the YES programme, which opened my eyes to a whole world I didn’t know existed. Being a YES member changes your life and helps you discover your full potential. Amongst others, the skills I learned through the programme are leadership, business, time management, communication, interpersonal, presentation, planning, public speaking and research,” says Hlongwane.

The YES programme runs in parallel to the Eskom Development Foundation’s annual Simama Ranta schools competition, which aims to identify and pay homage to South African secondary schools that are exemplars in entrepreneurship education. In line with YES, Simama Ranta seeks to teach and encourage young people like Hlongwane, to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice and that instead of studying to be job seekers, they could learn the skills to start and run successful businesses and become job creators themselves.

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