Prof Matthew lectures tax and corporate governance at the Rhodes Business School in Grahamstown. While keeping at least one foot on the beach, that is.

Matthew is probably the most off-the-wall chartered accountant and tax guru you’ll ever meet. For one thing, he doesn’t take kindly to meetings and corporate discipline. Instead, he has a passion for economics, politics and tax and how all of that relates to everyday life for confused South Africans.

Not that Matthew has forgotten his clients and their lot, trying to make ends meet in the new South Africa. For 20 years Matthew has been a feature on the SA lecture circuit and written hundreds of articles for the Sunday Times, and

In 2013 Matthew was conscripted for a second stint of national service – to the Davis Tax Committee – investigating the structure of the SA tax system. Unable to dodge Judge Dennis Davis, he has learned much he hadn’t appreciated before about the stark realities most South Africans face today.

Now comes the e-book where he tries to stitch it all together. How does the South African taxpayer get a fair deal when there are so many mouths to feed?