Samke (Sam) Ngwenya is the quintessential millennial who does things her way. She cannot be boxed under one description, which is why she goes by three: Banker, Fairminist and Frugal Kugel. Sam is your most unconventional employee as she has three formal income streams, your most difficult customer as she has access to your global competitors, and your most unpredictable life-partner as she does not subscribe to traditional role descriptions.

Samke is a seasoned private banker with over 6 years banking experience. She also serves on the board of directors of MINTEK – a mineral technology research council under the Department of Mineral Resources. In addition, Sam regularly lends her personal finance expertise to television and radio stations such as eNCA, Talk Radio 702 and PowerFM. She also recently ventured into writing with the submission of a financial article appearing in DESTINYconnect.

Samke holds an MBA from Wits Business School completed with a research report titled Factors contributing to over-indebtedness in black South African females. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the same college, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting from the University of Cape Town.

As a speaker, Sam takes her audiences on a journey of self-reflection using her own life as a backdrop. Her “experiences” (not presentations) are informal and highly energetic, to create a comfortable environment in which she holds those sometimes-difficult conversations that would rather be swept under the “Persian”

From the Banker: Banking and debt management toolkit

A collection of financial consumer education experiences best-suited for individuals with a basic to intermediary level of financial sophistication. The experiences are tailored to address the unique financial concerns of university students, graduates, and economically active individuals looking to enter into, or successfully manage and discharge existing debt obligations.

From the Fairminist: How I went from an employee to Samke Ngwenya Inc

For graduates: An experience providing career guidance and personal branding advice for those entering the world of work.

For employees: An experience on improving your personal brand and influence both within and outside the organization, navigating corporate politics, creating fulfillment in order to improve productivity, and the practicalities of creating multiple income streams whilst in fulltime employment.

For management/leadership: An experience inside the mind of the millennial employee. Insights on how to attract, retain, reward and motivate millennials.

From the Frugal Kugel: The Bounce Back

An inspiring journey through the darkest, seldom-shared moments of a drawn-out, messy divorce through to the achievement of personal, financial and career success. The experience shares lessons on building resilience, practical coping mechanisms in times of distress, and how to engage the law of attraction for success.